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#1 2009-10-02 17:24:55

From: Oradea, Romania
Registered: 2008-08-20
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Jobberbase tables description

Somebody has asked me recently about JB's database structure and abou the meaning of some of the more special fields.

This tutorial is more helpful for developers, but you never know wink

- admin - holds the admin username and password (the password is md5 encoded)

- categories - holds the available job categories (like IT, Finance, Medical and so on). The field of interest here is var_name - this appears in the URL when clicking on a category (for example where financial-services is the var_name). This should not contain any spaces and should contain ASCII characters instead of UTF-8 (so no accents or special letters in your alphabet). Title, keywords and description are used as page title, meta keywords and meta description when opening a category page.

- cities, pretty obvious, ascii_name is the same as var_name for categories

- hits - a record is written here when a job is viewed

- job_applications - a record is written when somebody applies to a job

- jobs - the main table in jobberbase.

The fields of interest are:

- is_temp - when a new job is posted, this field is set to 1. After it is activated, it set to 0. For a job to be listed in the site, is_temp must be 0 and is_active must be 1
- is_active - 0 means that the job is not active and will not be listed, 1 means active
- auth - it's a hash that is generated when a job is posted. It appears in the URLs inside the mail that the user receives once his job ad has been activated by the admin (urls for deactivating, editing, deleting the job); the admin gets a similar mail. The rationale behind this is to allow users to edit their job posts without the need for login
- outside_location - it's a text field that is used to store a user entered location (city/village/no matter). This is usually the case if your city doesn't appear in the cities combo when posting a job
- apply_online - 1, if the job poster allows online applications (which means to send the application message via email to the job poster), 0 means that the job poster should provide the necessary contact information in the job ad
- spotlight - 1, if the job should be highlighted on the first page and to appear on top of the listings when clicking on a category, 0 otherwise

- links - contains the urls for the pages listed in the header and footer - manageable from the admin panel. The rules for the url field are the same as for categories.var_name

- pages - contains pages created from the admin panel (you have to add a link in the links table for it to appear in the site)

- searches- records the user searches, but only when the user presses enter in the search box (FYI, ajax searches are not written here)

- settings + settings_categories - used for storing jobberbase's configuration values

- spam_reports - a record is written here every time a job ad is reported as spam

- types - contains the possible job types, like part time, full time, freelance. The rules for the var_name field are the same as for categories.var_name

Hope this helps!


#2 2011-09-02 20:12:15

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Re: Jobberbase tables description

very use full one. Thanks for your document

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