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Version 1.4 final…ly here!

Having fixed a lot of bugs reported in 1.4 beta, I’m glad to announce the launch of a bug-fix (mainly) version of jobberBase!

If you’re running 1.4 beta and have made customizations, you can probably live without this update.
However, newcomers will skip a few bugs, happy them! :)

One more thing: I’ve added a “powered by” link in the footer, with a link to You’re not required to keep it, but I’ll sure appreciate it if you do!

Have fun! :)

jobberBase on Rails

Yes, no typo, it’s true: someone is developing a jobberBase port for Ruby on Rails!

How amazing is that!?

Thank you, Jacques and keep us updated on the process! :)

1.4, the most impressive update yet!

We are *extremely happy* to announce that we’ve launched version 1.4 (beta 1), with a bunch of new features (as promised). This release was mostly possible due to Ștefan Petre’s involvement, which I can’t thank enough! :)

As promised, we present you a few new cool items:

1. You can translate jobberBase UI through a single .ini file

The file is _includes/translations.ini and it should contain all the text strings in the site. You would only need to edit a few images (‘post job’ button and logo) to have a complete translation.

2. Static pages can now be created/edited/deleted from admin

We’ve moved most of the static pages in the database, to make it easier for you to edit their content. You can also create other pages and link to them. The system is pretty straightforward!

3. Change categories from admin

No need to get your hands dirty in phpmyadmin or other db administration tool. Categories can be created/edited/deleted from admin, now. You can also reorder them, through drag and drop!

4. Change admin password

Another missing feature in 1.3 was the ability to change your admin password from the admin panel. Now you can.

5. Bug fixes

Most had to do with the search engine. Thanks to all who posted fixes on the community forum! :)

Well, that’s it. Go ahead and download jobberBase 1.4 beta 1!

Your feedback is always very precious, so please don’t hesitate :) . The final version 1.4 will be launched after we make sure there aren’t any bad bugs out there.

P.S. You may also check out our SVN repository, for “nightly builds”:
svn checkout jobberbase-read-only

Multi-language, soon!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’re working on implementing a multi-language system in jobberBase! This is only possible because Ștefan Petre, the guy who created Interface for jQuery, has joined the jobberBase task-force :) .

Therefore, version 1.4 (or just call it 2.0?) will be a huge step ahead for us!

Consider the SVN repository

It’s beginning to be a real challenge for me to manage the project, udpates and everyone’s questions, so please be patient :) .

I know an upgrading guide would be nice, especially if you’ve installed version 1.1 and want some features from 1.3.

What you could do is checkout the code from Google Code SVN repository:

You can do it like this:
svn checkout jobberbase-read-only

Then, you can compare what you have with the latest stuff…

I’m also working on setting up a wiki, where it’d be great to have some tutorials! If you wish to contribute to the project, one way you could is by writing short tutorials on various issues. The forums is a great place to find answers, but it’s getting a lot of new content which is hard to organize.

Aaaaanyway… keep it real :) .

1.3 is out with goodies: admin panel

Yeeey, go on and download the latest and bestest jobberBase version, while it’s hot! :)

This is what the changelog says:

  • Added an admin panel (thanks to Lavinia Creivean)
  • Added a survey page: the ideal job (as seen on
  • Improved pagination support (thanks to Mihai Mocanu)
  • Fixed some bugs related to search
  • Translated the sitemap page (forgot to do it, before :p)

The admin panel

Assuming you’ve installed jobberBase on localhost/jobberbase/, the admin defaults to localhost/jobberbase/admin/.
Default username: admin. Default password: admin. You may change these in the ‘admin’ database table.
The panel allows you to activate, deactivate and delete ads. It’s pretty straightforward and nothing fancy… but it does the job well!

“The ideal job” survey

localhost/ideal-job/ shows a survey like this. We did this on to find out what people think is an ideal job, then use the data to show companies what people are interested in.
If you don’t want this feature, just take out the link from _templates/header.tpl and the case ‘ideal-job’ section from index.php. Also job_params, job_requests and job_requests_params database table (they hold the data).

If you want to use this survey, though, but can’t figure out how to change stuff, please let me know and I’ll try to guide you. It’s a simple system I developed, but you may actually get better results using a professional survey-builder :) .

That’s (almost) all, folks!

Of course, bug fixes are always there in any new release and this one has them, as well. Mostly small issues in the back-end.

Hope I didn’t miss anything.
Have fun! :)

Fixing the search

Hey, guys,
If you’ve tested jobberBase, you’ve probably found out by now that there are some issues with the search functionality.

If anyone has fixed some of the problems and wishes to contribute to the project, you are most welcome and will receive eternal gratitude and recognition :) .


Version 1.2 out: pagination support!

Hey all, I’ve just released a new version which includes pagination support for job categories. I had this planned for a while, now, but thanks to Adrian Rusu-Scurtu’s help, I was able to finally implement it :) .

Go out and download jobberBase 1.2 now.

Small update available

I want to thank everybody that reported bugs, suggested features and provided fixes on the community forum!

There are still a lot of stuff to be improved, but I decided to release version 1.1, a bug-fix/clean-up version, mostly.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Modified the directory structure and moved the entire application into /app subdirectory.
  • Added an alternate .htaccess that seems to work better on some big hosting companies.
  • Cleaned up config.php of unnecessarry defines.
  • Fixed a number of bugs reported on (thanks to everyone!)

Hope you enjoy jobberBase and hope you put it to good use!

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