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jobberBase + CeeVee = ♥

CeeVee is a CV/resume builder launched a few months ago.
We wanted to do something like that for over a year now, and integrate it with, and with all jobberBase-powered sites!
A universal CV/resume service, that is.

Well, great news!
Our business, LATERAL, the company behind jobberBase, has acquired CeeVee!

This means that in the following months, we’ll develop support in jobberBase for using CeeVee as “jobseeker” platform. Lots of goodies for site owners and recruiters, as well.

2010 starts off as a great year for jobberBase, and we’re very excited about things to come.

What are your thoughts regarding how jobberBase and CeeVee might work together?

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7 Responses

  1. hm2k says: = 404 – Page not found

    Nice brand though.

  2. gason says:

    I´m looking forward to integration between both services…

    To let people register in the jobboards, fill in their CV´s and make it easier to apply for any job. And to add the posibility for publishers to browse through registered users

    Great news!

  3. gigajobs says:

    Great news… was looking at that in feedmyapp and was dreaming of a possible integration..

  4. pablo says:

    Yes indeed, it would be a great integrated feature.

    It really seem that jobberbase in on a very nice track!

    Great job guys!

  5. Ben Wade says:

    Very happy to hear this news. Awaiting for this module.

    Thank you very much!

  6. Tomi says:

    Very nice pair. Any news when this integration will be available?

  7. Indiana says:

    Greatly looking forward to this release!

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